Smujy is a very simple website. We sell art. That’s all we do. All our pieces are our own one offs. Our ethos is to keep moving. In fact Smujy is a large, experimental studio and what ends up in our online store are really just the pieces that have ‘gone right’. Trust us, most of what do ends up in a pile of gunk on the floor or a muddy mess on the easel. But hey, we embrace this spirit of making things and this is what motivates us.

There are no rules in the Smujy studio. Only creating art on a constant basis. We do tend to opt for a poppy, bright, shiny style but you could easily find a gloomy old, renaissance-inspired painting in there.

We can’t really describe our passion for what we do adequately here. It’s more than that. Probably similar to a rage.

Have a look around and see if you like anything. And spare a passing thought for all the gooey gunk that never made it this far.


The Smujy Team